Write a program to implement lru cache using generics

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How will you implement an LRU Cache (Least Recently Used items discarded in the Cache first) using Linked List? That is least recently accessed elements should be at one end of the linked list.

Solution is to add new elements at the top of the list, and whenever someone reads any other element, remove it from there at put it at the top of the list. Apr 18,  · Write a program to copy strings A and B. Last 10 characters of A overlap the first 10 characring B. Implement malloc or write the code for malloc memory allocation function.

The buffer pool has b buffers and uses LRU replacement policy. The disk block size and buffer pool block sizes are the same. You are given a routine int Author: VV. Question Write a Java program to implement Stack in Java? You can implement Stack by using array or linked list.

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You can implement Stack by using array or linked list. This question expect you to implement standard method provided by stack data structure e.g.

push. and pop(). Using C#, you can write callbacks and define user objects in the cache. The following figure shows an overview of how a C# application accesses the native client C++ API functionality through C++/CLI.

Write a program to implement lru cache using generics
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