Do i use double or single

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BIAS TAPE: what is it, how to make it, and why you NEED it! (VIDEO included)

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I learned in school that you do 2 spaces after a period, 2 after an exclamation point and one after a question mark.

I ALSO heard from one editor that we do 2 spaces after a. Use Double Quotation Marks for Words Used as Examples. Double quotation marks can also be used when you are writing a sentence and you want to refer to a word rather than use its meaning.

Since I talk about words a lot, this comes up in almost every Grammar Girl episode. It's a style choice. Double Quotes, Single Quote, Comma, Single Quote, Double Quote SQL Server The double - quotes are used to enclose strings in application code and the single quotes are used to enclose.

Feb 24,  · If you don't see folder options in the control panel, click on appearance and personalization, then folder options will be listed and change it to single .

Do i use double or single
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