An analysis of the use of sex in advertising

Sex in advertising

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Why It's Unfortunate That 'Sex Sells' in Advertising and in Life

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This research paper presents a content analysis of the evolution of advertising’s Many examples of using sex appeal for print or television will explain the portrayal of women in advertising and provide a graph to furthermore, supplement the statistical analysis.

and Sex in Advertising: A Critical-Interpretive Study Jennifer Ford ABSTRACT This study examines sexualized portrayals of women in fashion advertising found in metro-sexual men’s magazines as visual rhetoric. Historically, studies on sexual images of women in advertising have focused on content analyses of these images and how they affect women.

In that regard, sex - like any other advertising tool - needs to be used selectively, targeting the correct audience in the correct context if it's going to succeed at increasing people's interest.

There's more to advertising's message than meets the casual eye. An effective ad, like other forms of communication, works best when it strikes a chord in the needs and desires of the receiving consumer -- a connection that can be both intuitive and highly calculated.

Sex in advertising is the use of sex appeal in advertising to help sell a particular product or service. According to research, sexually appealing imagery does not.

Sex in advertising

- the sex of the receiver will have an effect on the reactions to the use of sex in advertising, with women reacting much more to suggestive ads than do men.

- both opposite sex and same sex nude ads elicit strong physiological reactions, with appealing and offensive cognitive reactions respectively.

An analysis of the use of sex in advertising
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